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PennDOT Updates Guidance for Posting and Bonding

Friday March 1st, 2019
Townships will be able to more consistently manage heavy hauling on their roads, thanks to updated guidance from PennDOT on posting and bonding weight-sensitive roads. Publication 221, Posting and Bonding Procedures for Municipal Highways, is now aligned with Publication 23, Chapter 15, Weight Restrictions on Highways (Posted Highways), to ensure that the posting and bonding of state and local roads is consistent, effective, and defensible. 
Throughout 2016 and 2017, Penn­DOT conducted extensive outreach, surveys, and information exchange sessions about the posting and bonding of local roads with industries, municipalities, and the agency’s Municipal Services representatives and posted and bonded coordinators. From this feedback, PennDOT restructured its guidance to simplify terminology, update training information and materials, provide step-by-step procedures with checklists, and improve the use of graphics to clarify content.
PennDOT recently emailed municipalities with a link to the updated Publication 221. 
For more information, contact Halley Cole, chief of pavement asset management, at or (717) 783-6146 or your PennDOT District Municipal Services coordinator. You can also visit to learn about PennDOT’s Posted and Bonded Roadway Program.