#611 Onsite Testing and Evaluation

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Course and Posttest Title:

#611 Onsite Testing and Evaluation Self-Study and Classroom Course
#611P Onsite Testing and Evaluation Posttest (Optional)

Course Description:

This course will teach SEOs onsite evaluation and testing details. Participants will learn about the importance of planning, permitting, land features, soil mapping, soil descriptions, and slope as it relates to onsite evaluation and testing. The importance of thorough preparation work, site testing, and construction methods will also be reviewed. The first part of the course is taught through self-study materials that are to be completed prior to attending a day in the field applying what was taught in the self-study materials. 

Instructor:  Certified SEOs


Participants may take an optional Web-based posttest that covers the material taught in a classroom course. The test is not mandatory; it provides an opportunity to earn additional continuing education credits. To be eligible to take a posttest, you must have successfully completed the classroom course in the 2012-2014 certification cycle. The posttest must also be taken in the 2012-2014 certification cycle.

If you paid the registration fee for the posttest prior to the course, after successfully completing the course, PSATS will send you a link to the posttest. You may also register for the posttest after you successfully complete the classroom course. After receiving the link to the posttest, you will have 30 days to score 70 percent or above on the test to receive a successful completion certificate. The course and posttest must be taken in the same certification cycle.

Who Should Attend?

The course was developed for Sewage Enforcement Officers (SEOs). However, engineers, Township Supervisors and staff, and others interested in learning about onlot sewage systems would benefit from the course content.

Credit Hours:

To receive SEO continuing education credits or engineer professional development hours for the classroom course, the participant must complete the self-study quizzes and bring them to the classroom or field day. To successfully complete the classroom or field day, the participant must attend the course and not miss more than 30 minutes.

To be eligible to take the posttest, the participant must successfully complete the classroom course. To receive SEO continuing education credits for the posttest, the participant must score at least 70 percent of the posttest within 30 days of receiving the link to the test.

Within 30 days of successfully completing the course or posttest, the credits will be sent to DEP.

#611 Onsite Testing and Evaluation Self-Study and Classroom Course – 12 DEP Approved Credits
#611P Onsite Testing and Evaluation Posttest (Optional) – 3 DEP Approved Credits

Locations and Dates:



May 3, 2013-Completed

 McDade Park
 Bald Mountain Road
 Scranton, PA 


May 10, 2013-Completed

 Springton Manor Farms
 860 Springton Road
 Glenmoore, PA


June 18, 2013

 Moraine State Park
 225 Pleasant Valley Road
 Portersville, PA 16051
   Moraine_State_Parks park 


June 26, 2013

 Ag Progress Days Facility
 Pennsylvania Furnace, PA








  • Registration: 7:30 a.m.
  • Course Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Registration Fees:

Classroom Course

  • PSATS Member* – $216
  • PSATS Non-Member – $265


  • PSATS Member* – $63
  • PSATS Non-Member – $78

* To qualify as a PSATS member, the registrant must have paid current annual membership dues to PSATS or its affiliates (solicitors, engineers, planners, and emergency management associations) or be an associate member.


Classroom Course

Cancellations must be received in writing by faxing to 717-763-9732 or sending an email to cancellations@psats.org. Refunds will be determined by the date of the fax or email.

A cancellation received less than 10 business days before the session you are registered for is subject to a $20 processing fee for refunds.

Those who cancel within two business days of the session date or do not attend forfeit the full registration fee which, if unpaid, will be invoiced.


Due to the nature of the assessment, there are no cancellations or refunds.



This course has self-study materials to be completed online prior to attending the field portion of the course. Successful completion of this course is achieved by completing the self-study course and attending the field day. The posttest includes questions from the self-study and field day content.

#611 Onsite Testing and Evaluation Self-Study Course Materials

To Register: Click HERE or call PSATS at (717) 763-0930.